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Tikka T3 RCS II


Tikka T3 RCS II

The RCS II T3 is a highly functional chassis type stock for the Tikka T3 Bolt Action Rifle. Right and Left handed models are available to suit right and left handed Tikka T3 Rifles, the difference between left and right handed stocks bieng simply the position of the bolt handle block and the access points to the cheek adjustment screws. The stock its self is ambidextrous in use in that it can be shot from the right or left shoulder irrelevant of bieng a left or right handed version.This offers a true ambidextrous capability.  It is also possible to convert the chassis from right to left handed or left to right handed with a minimum of additional parts.  The RCS II T3 is available to suit 2 groups of calibers found in the factory Tikka T3 as well as any caliber in customised T3 rifles

  • A: Short calibers:  .223Rem to .308Win/WSM
  • B: Long calibers: 6.5x55 to .338 Win Mag

Notes on the Tikka T3 Bolt Action Rifle.  The Tikka T3 rifle ranges in caliber from .222 Rem up to .338 Win Mag. All these calibers and all models or T3 rifle are based around one and the same action length. The only differences bieng the bolt face diameter, the bolt stop and the internal dimentions of the factory magazine. Irrelevant of caliber, all Tikka T3 rifle actions will fit in the RCS II chassis. We offer however 2 different chassis which are designated A: Short Caliber and B: Long Caliber versions. The difference in the 2 chassis is the magazine well, magazine latch and the magazine compatability


  • Material: Aircraft grade Aluminium - machined from a solid billet.
  • Finish: Hard Anodised
  • Bedding: Alloy chassis ensures consistent contact between action and stock.
  • Integral Recoild Lug = No reqiurement for factory recoil lug found on Tikka T3’s.
  • Magazine compatability: A: AICS type including plastic .223 mags. B: Voere type
  • Accepts any barrel contour up to 1.25” (31.75mm) straight cylinder.
  • Accepts original T3 as well as after market triggers


A: Short caliber:

  •  .308 Win and similar calibers use 5 or 10 rd AICS type magazines either with our without the spacer plate at the front of the magazine
  • WSM and RSAUM calibers use 5 or 10 rd AICS type magazines with lips modified to suit. Either with our without the spacer plate at the front of the magazine. Mag capacity is 4rds or 8rds.
  •  .223 AICS plastic magazines can also be used when slightly modified. ( relieving outside of mag lips slighly to enable insertion to right height in T3 action is a simple task)

B: Long Caliber:

  • Voere Magazines: Standard 6.5x55 - 30-06. Magnum .300WM etc. It is also possible to use the type B chassis with a short .308 magazine from Voere or to feed calibers like the 6.5x284 from the standard magazine, this makes the type B chassis very versatile in that it is possible to use the type B chassis with any Tikka T3 from .243 Win up to .338WM simply by employing an additional magazine.


  • OEM plastic Tikka T3 magazines are not used with the Roedale RCS II T3

Side Pannels:

  • Low Weight: ViperSkins are 4oz lighter than thumbhole AICS Skins.
  • Wide Fore-end: Gives a stable shooting platform when shooting off barricades.
  • Offhand Palmswell: Gives your offhand a proper grip your hand when shooting in any offhand position.
  • Pistol grip: provides a grippy, non-slip, ergonomic hold. Puts your hand in the proper position to make accurate shots and keep the weapon under your control.
  • Fast action thumb shelf gives you a positive index point for quick bolt manipulation and repeat shots.
  • Ergonomic Rear Stock: Carefully tailored to accommodate any sized hand.
  • Texture: The medium toothed texture has been designed to give a good grip in wet and dry environments.
  • Material: A durable military grade polymer composite has just enough flex to resist hard impacts with a hardness to defend against scratching and chemical deterioration.

Optional Picatinny Rails: Allow universal mounting of forward IR illuminators, lights, PEQ15s, sling mounts, NV devices or anything you might require in the field                                                             

  • It is possible to fit AI AICS side pannels to the RCS II chassis with a minimum of modification


  • Adjustable for height
  • Uses 2 side accessable hex head screws to clamp/loosen
  • Upgrade to thumbwheel clamp screws is possible
  • Cheekpiece removable for rifle cleaning purposes
  • Cheekpiece can be moved left and right within mounting positions
  • Cheekpiece can be turned front to back to give alternate cheek weld possition

Length of Pull:

  • Adjustable via Spacer System
  • Adjustable in 1cm and 2cm increments with spacers
  • LOP adjustment range varies slightly between versions but is roughly 12.8” to 15.4”


  • Locks in with 2 set screws
  • Recoil absorbing
  • Ventilated buttpad available


  • All aluminum parts hard anodized matt
  • Sling loops are matt stainless steel
  • Steel parts / screws are Mil-Spec salt bath nitrided


  • Fixed version is about 4lbs 7oz w/o magazine
  • Folding version is about 4lbs 10oz w/o magazine


  • Black
  • Military Green
  • FDE-Sand
  • Fleck Cam
  • Pink

Mounting features for slings, monopods, etc:

  • Front and rear sling loops on both sides
  • 3-6 and 9 oclock mounting points for picatinny rails
  • Buttstock includes bag rider/butthook which can be fitted with an optional picatinny rail on the underside for mounting of a monopod
  • Harris bipod stud can be fitted to 1 of the 3 forend M5 threaded holes
  • QD cups can be mounted in positions on sides of buttstock and forend

Optional Accessories:

  • Folding conversion kit
  • Righthand - Lefthand conversion kit
  • Spacers 1cm and 2cm
  • Ventilated butt pad for heavy magnum calibers
  • Picatinny rails
  • QD sling mounts
  • Night vision bridge mount
  • Buttspike
  • RH50 MKII Bipod
  • Bipod Spigot


The RCS II type A is currently available in fixed version for Tikka T3's  in Short calibers. (Cal: .222/223 /.308 / WSM / RSAUM etc)
The RCS II type B is currently available in fixed version for Tikka T3's  in Long calibers. (Cal: 6.5x55 / .30-06 / .300WM / .338WM etc)
The folding version will be available by Autumn 2012
Fixed RCS II's can be easily converted to folding at a later date with the fixed to folding conversion kit

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