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Welcome to Roedale Precision

At Roedale Precision our business of manufacturing  covers three interlinked areas, what we do is strive to give you the best of the best in the following sectors:more...


New Series Custom Tactical Waffen:


Roedale 110-119-119M Viper Roedale 110-119-119M Viper


Roedale 110-119-119M RAPTOR

Roedale 110-119-119M RAPTOR

Roedale Avenger II System


Roedale Avenger II System

Roedale Chassis System
We needed an alloy chassis type stock for our Avenger rifle actions. There are several on the market that fit the Remington 700, but we noticed that there where none for the Howa 1500 and Tikka T3. Hence, whilst developing the chassis for the Avenger we also developed chassis for the Howa and Tikka.
CNC manufactured here in Germany from a solid billet of Aircraft Grade aluminium, the chassis provide a rock solid bedding platform. The T3 version is also compatible with the Barnard SM simply by swapping a recoil block held in place by 2 screws. Machined to accept the Accuracy International side pannels, as well as our own front and rear stock parts, this system will form the basis of our modular stock platform.
Available through our webshop for the following action types:

  • Howa1500
  • Tikka T3


Helical Fluting 2Helical Fluting
Roedale Precision is now able to offer Helical Fluting more...