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Howa Custom Shop – Germany


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Howa 1500 SA Howa 1500 SA Howa 1500 SA Roedale Precision are the official „ Howa Custom Shop Germany“ and as such the only official Howa Custom Shop in the world. We worked closely with the German Howa importer Leader Trading for many years tuning rifles that where distributed throughout the dealer network and where the service and warranty repair centre for Germany and Holland. Due to differences in opinion over the future of the Affordable Custom Series, we have decided to offer our own tuned factory Howa rifles directly to end customers.

Howa rifles are made in Japan, are distributde through Legacy Sports International in the USA to main dealers in several countries. The Howa actions bare a striking resemblance to the older Sako models,  they are very well made, reliable and offer several advantages over the Remington 700‘s,

    • Integral Recoil Lug
    • M16 type extractor
    • One piece Bolt
    • Good factory trigger

Precision Tuned Series
We offer a Precision Tuned series with the following models:

    • H1500 RCS
    • H1500 ETAC
    • H1500 Raptor

        On all Precision Tuned models the following work is carried out:

    • Tuned Trigger
    • Lugs are lapped
    • CHS is checked and minimised where nessecarye barrel crown is re-cut
    • Proffesionaly bedded with Devcon and Alloy Pillars or a chassis system alloy block
    • Custom Stock ( Choice of : Roedale RCS II / Raptor or PSE E-TAC)
    • Function and safety check

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