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Borden Rifles

The Borden Alpine/Timberline actions were designed by Gary Amatrudo and Jim Borden. The actions were designed to achieve better accuracy and precision in Tactical, Varmint and Hunting Rifles. The Alpine and Timberline actions are made specifically to be able to be used in stocks inletted for Remington 700 Actions..

  • Alpine = Short Action. Cal: .223 - .300WSM
  • Timberline = Long Action: 6.5x284 – 375 H&H

All the custom action models produced by Borden Rifles are made to benchrest precision and  quality and require no modifications to deliver excellent accuracy.
The Custom Actions manufactured by Borden Rifles operate smoothly and perform exceptionally due to the integration of key bolt and action design concepts. The combined aspects of the design integration and the execution of quality control to maintain close machining tolerances results in actions that deliver improved performance. The fire control system is designed to minimize drag in the firing pin/spring/cocking piece system. As a result Alpine and Timberline actions deliver minimum locktimes while maintaining firing pin impact energy. The action bodies are machined at full hardness of 38 to 40 Rc. The bolt bodies are hardened to 44 to 46 Rc. The result of these hardnesses is a smooth running and "gall resistant" action and bolt system.

We build Hunting Varmint and Tactical Rifles based on the Borden Actions